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I first starting seeing little rosette adornments during Copenhagen Fashion Week back in early February. There weren’t many, but they did catch my eye. Then, New York Fashion Week seemed to usher in a fresh new wave—enough to deem it a micro trend, in my opinion. By the time the London, Milan and Paris shows were happening they were seemingly everywhere, an unavoidable and undeniable full-on trend. Yes, for better or worse, Y2K rosettes are back. Custom Cufflinks

This Carrie Bradshaw-Approved Trend Was All Over NYFW - PureWow

These 3D floral details were huge in the year 2000, thanks in no small part to Carrie Bradshaw. Sarah Jessica Parker’s iconic character from Sex and the City spent pretty much all of season three (which aired in the summer of 2000) adding rosette pins to all of her outfits, making it something of a signature style. So much so that she brought it back for the premier episode of the show’s reboot, And Just Like That. And while we may not have been quite ready to join Carrie in her floral Y2K nostalgia moment right when the series aired in December 2021, we’re on board now. Well, some of us are.

I’ve long trusted the adage that fashion is cyclical, and that everything that was once in style is bound to come back en vogue if only you wait long enough. But there are also some trends I’d always deemed outliers, fads that seemed far too specific to a time or too silly perhaps to warrant a repeat. We wore them once, learned from our mistakes and moved forward with the collective understanding that history would not repeat itself. Rosettes were one of the trends I put firmly into this category—and I must admit, I’m having a hard time breaking away from my earlier assessment of them. After all, of all the Y2K fashion trends we loved and wore to pieces, is this really the one we want to bring back? I may be wary, but it seems maybe I’m the outlier in this instance.

So many fashion month attendees embraced the Y2K rosette this spring, and in so many different ways. I saw classic Carrie Bradshaw-approved pins on the lapels of blazers, jackets and even dresses. I saw mini rosettes pinned into hairdos and adorning simple ribbon chokers. There were skirts, dresses and even sweaters with oversize blooms sewn right into the design. Basically, no matter what color, flower type or position you prefer, adding a 3D rosette to your ‘fit appeared to be the move for influencers, editors and street style stars alike.

If you, like me, are a little wary about how to make this cutesy accessory look modern and stylish, I do have some tips. Here, six ways to rock a Y2K rosette in 2023 for Carrie Bradshaw-level chicness.

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The easiest way to rock a Y2K rosette is as a dainty hair accessory. Use a rosette-adorned hair tie to pull your locks back into a sleek ponytail or try a claw clip for a half-up look. You could also try a floral bobby pin tucked neatly just above your ear for a simple-yet-effective trendy hairstyle.

Rather than go the route of pinning a rosette on your chest a la Ms. Bradshaw, try clipping one to your waistband or through a belt loop. You can also loop an actual belt through as well (thinner leather styles or chain belts will work better than thick leather designs), but a solo bloom can look just as chic all on its own. Choose something that is medium in size—between two to four inches wide—to ensure it stands out without overwhelming your waistline.

If you’d prefer to rock your rosettes closer to your collarbone, try scattering a few on one or both your lapels. A single flower can look a bit too much like a corsage or boutonniere, but if you throw in another two or three buds the effect is much less “high school prom” and more eclectic-chic. Be sure to play around with various positions to find what works best for your top or jacket, and don’t be afraid to mix and match different colors, sizes and flower types.

This is a particularly fun trick for single-button blazers. All you need is a rosette pin in a color that contrasts your jacket, then either clip the pin through the buttonhole or use it to secure your blazer. As a bonus, having a bold 3D piece right at your waist helps to draw the eye inward creating the illusion of a smaller waistline without any of the pinching of a regular belt.

We’re not talking simply about oversize flower earrings, but specifically those that have 3D silk or satin petals affixed to a sturdy stud or dangling at the end of a delicate chain. Feel free to wear them just as you would any of your favorite statement earrings, but we think perhaps the most fun option is with a dress or top with an equally bold floral print for a cute flower-power moment.

As mentioned above, 3D rosettes can’t help but bring to mind corsages and boutonnieres. But in some cases that may not be such a bad thing—specifically for special-occasion attire like wedding guest or holiday dresses. Sporting attention-grabbing flowers at an event where floral arrangements play a big part of the decor makes the trend feel much less random and can even feel like a festive alternative to other 3D textures like sequins or feathers. We love a chic black-on-black design, but if you’re more into bright colors or want to make your own unique combination with a cocktail dress you already own and a new festive pin, you do you.

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This Carrie Bradshaw-Approved Trend Was All Over NYFW - PureWow

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