JIECANG Linear Actuator Updates Cleaning Robot Automation

By Design World Staff | January 1, 2024

by Gloria Hu-JIECANG Overseas Marketing Manager Fisher Control Valve Positioner

JIECANG Linear Actuator Updates Cleaning Robot Automation

Recently, Fulongma, an environmental sanitation solution provider, launched the world’s first skateboard-based sweeper robot, which is equipped with the JIECANG intelligent electric linear actuator products.

The sweeper can operate fully automatically and has high mobility and driving ability.

It provides all-round, efficient, intelligent cleaning services for multiple areas, such as urban parks, roads, and commercial complexes. Moreover, the sweeper track has been used in major events such as the Asian Games and the Chengdu Universiade and has attracted much attention.

As the FULONGMA GROUP Co., Ltd. believes that service robots are an important component of the future city’s co-evolution, we hope to create a simpler life through professional technology and liberate humans from repetitive mechanical labor with intelligent robot products.

The current environmental sanitation industry is facing the problems of aging cleaning workers and difficulty in recruiting workers. However, unmanned sweeper robots will upgrade environmental sanitation with intelligent technology, improving quality and efficiency.

Replacing hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders with linear actuators in the mechanical control can improve controllability, reduce installation volume, and eliminate maintenance.

The application of JIECANG intelligent electric linear actuators in Fulongma sweeper robots is an important innovation in the environmental sanitation equipment industry.

The garbage bin of the Fulongma sweeper robot is equipped with four JIECANG intelligent industrial linear actuators- JC35FA2 to realize automatic garbage dumping. Through high-precision displacement control and strong thrust output, actuators accurately control garbage bin lifting and dumping, improving efficiency and urban cleaning convenience.

At the same time, the reliability and durability of JIECANG electric linear actuators also guarantee the long-term stable operation of the sweeper.

●      Precision Control of Sweeping Plate

The sweeper robot adopts a double-sided brush + negative pressure suction cleaning design. The plate is equipped with three industrial linear actuators JC35W8 to realize precise insertion and retraction. During the sweeping operation, the robot sweeper’s electric “muscle” never tires! It gives the brush steady power to handle any mess, automatically adjusting its height for perfect surface cleaning. From leaves to dust bunnies, this tech whiz tackles them all, making streets sparkly clean in no time.

It is worth mentioning that the assistance of JIECANG linear actuators will also bring additional advantages to Fulongma’s sweepers and environmental protection equipment, helping to enhance their innovation and upgrade.

Reduce design costs: Smaller installation volume means a more flexible overall sweeper design; a built-in clutch or limit switch provides end-of-stroke protection.

Reduce installation costs: A variety of mounting accessories and easy to connect to a variety of electric control devices. Plus, electric linear actuator installation is simple to fix, with no need for maintenance holes or adapting to the bending radius of the winding throttle rope.

Reduce operating costs: Impact resistance, vibration resistance, wide temperature range, good sealing, can run reliably in various weather conditions. Maintenance-free, lifetime lubrication, not affected by aging or low temperature.

Improve safety and productivity: No hydraulic oil leakage, reduce environmental pollution and cleaning costs.  More precise control brings faster and cleaner cleaning.

Exclusive customized service: Whether it is a minor modification or a unique new design requirement, JIECANG engineers will be your assistance to find the ideal customized solution.

The person in charge of the Fulongma unmanned sweeper robot project said that JIECANG has faster response and professional R&D abilities compared to its competitors. That is why many customers choose JIECANG for comprehensive support in the design and engineering stages.

Fulongma’s sweeper robot and JIECANG’s electric linear actuator show the future potential of intelligent environmental sanitation equipment. As technology advances, these products will become more efficient, eco-friendly, and safe.

JIECANG will collaborate with Fulongma and other manufacturers to innovate and improve the industry more, devoted to benefiting urban cleanliness and public safety.

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JIECANG Linear Actuator Updates Cleaning Robot Automation

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