Best Acrylic Frames for Displaying Artworks –

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One of the most important and exciting parts of creating art is putting it on view for everyone to see. With so many options for framing photos, prints, and drawings, it can be difficult to choose the right fixture for your work. One detail to consider is material. Wood is a traditional pick, but you can also use metal frames or, for a more subtle look, acrylic. Being totally clear, an acrylic frame can make your photos seem to float, even drawing more attention to the image. And if you display many in the same site, the transparency can help to reduce visual clutter. Here’s a guide to some of the best acrylic frames for walls and tabletops that will enable you to create a great viewing experience for audiences at home and in the gallery. Acrylic Display Boxes

Best Acrylic Frames for Displaying Artworks –

This top-notch frame keeps your artworks secure and clean. It consists of two totally clear .25-inch acrylic panels that layer together to form a frame that is slim but still sturdy. Artwork stays securely in place between the two panels with four screws that lock them tightly together and allow the frame float in front of the wall. We like that the company offers more than three dozen sizes of this frame, from 4 by 6 inches to 24 by 36 inches. You can even choose hardware with different finishes, including muted chrome, matte black, or white.

Canetti got in the framing game with the precise dream of a frameless frame—a way of displaying art or photos that did not in any way distract the viewer from the work itself. Its original self-standing magnet frame achieves that ideal: It is simply two thick panes of well-polished acrylic—each 1 inch thick—easily attached to each other by two magnets in opposite corners. The magnets are small but strong enough to hold even the thickness of an ID card. The frame comes in a variety of sizes, as small as 1 by 2 inches to as large as 8.5 by 11 inches. The 5-by-7-inch version is popular because it can hold two standard sizes: 5-by-7-inch photos or 4-by-6-inch ones with a clear border. Note that this frame can be displayed on a tabletop only.

To really keep the focus on your image, these minimal frames provide the protection of acrylic without a single frill. The bent edge is stable but doesn’t take up much space. The angle of the frame is slight but perfectly positions the image to be viewed from a slight height, like your line of vision if the frame were sitting on your desk. Go to the MCS Amazon store to find other sizes in either vertical or horizontal orientations.

For another self-standing option, consider this affordable double frame, which comes in packs of 6. The frame doesn’t take up much space and has slots that are easy to slide photos into but that still keep your precious memories secure.

Those seeking the very best frames for their finest work should consider these from Wexel. Each frame comes with two panels—one 3/16 inch and one ⅛ inch—made of flame-polished acrylic, which features highly precise and smooth edges. This high-grade material is 98 percent UV resistant and resistant to scratching as well. Once your image is properly positioned, screw in the included hardware (available in silver or gold) to securely hold everything together. These mounts have a shiny finish and are 1.5 inches long, allowing the frame to stand off the wall slightly, which enhances the elegance of the display. While Wexel doesn’t provide as many sizes as our top pick does, you can choose from about a dozen, from 5 by 7 inches to 30 by 40 inches. We like this 19-by-23-inch frame, suitable for 16-by20-inch photos.

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Best Acrylic Frames for Displaying Artworks –

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