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Today, someone alerted us to new photos circulating online, revealing a sea of Fisker Ocean Ones accumulating at Magna Steyr. We have previously seen something similar, but never on such a grand scale. The photo gallery below shows electric SUVs scattered throughout the vicinity of the manufacturing facility. Some of the Fisker Oceans occupy the roads surrounding the factory, while others find shelter in covered parking spaces. The remarkable photos showcase every available exterior paint color and wheel option for the Fisker Ocean One trim. These Fisker Oceans are alongside BMW Z4 and Mercedes-Benz G-Class vehicles also built at the same factory in Graz, Austria. Steel Sheet Piling

New Photos: Fisker Ocean Ones Piling Up at Magna Steyr | Fiskerati

Earlier today, Fisker disclosed that they manufactured 1,022 Fisker Ocean SUVs during Q2 2023 at the Magna Steyr factory in Graz, Austria. This production achievement is quite impressive, considering the challenges posed by supplier issues. The photos we are currently examining provide us with a glimpse of the fully assembled Fisker Ocean Ones. It is difficult to ascertain from these images the precise number of vehicles present on-site, awaiting transportation to Center+ locations for customer delivery.

Each vehicle prominently displays the “ONE” badge on its rear. Fisker intends to produce 5,000 units of the Ocean One trim before transitioning to the production of Ocean Extreme, Ultra, and Sport trims. The company announced today that it exceeded its targeted assembly rate of 80 units per day by the end of June—an admirable accomplishment. Fisker anticipates a substantial increase in their production pace during Q3 2023, and to prepare for this, they are investing in additional battery pack capacity. These investments will ensure a compressed manufacturing timeline for the current year and support higher volumes than initially planned for the following year.

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Sure would like to see these on a ship headed to the U.S.

Great looking car/suv would still need to see it in the raw,but looks ok

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New Photos: Fisker Ocean Ones Piling Up at Magna Steyr | Fiskerati

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