30 Best Facial Tools 2024 – Top Skin Care Devices

From fine lines to acne to puffiness, there’s a skincare tool that can help.

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30 Best Facial Tools 2024 – Top Skin Care Devices

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If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that we can DIY some of our favorite beauty treatments with the best facial tools. With the right skin care tools, you can lift your face, flush away puffiness, brighten up your eyes, and much more. Some modalities, like facial gua sha tools, even have research behind their benefits. 

Many facial tools, like LED face masks and face massagers, mimic treatments you can find at the dermatologist or the spa, but at a lesser intensity, making them a great way to score subtle skin improvements or maintain your results between treatments. “The convenience of at-home devices is great, and they’re often more cost-effective, too,” says New York City dermatologist Dr. Hadley King. “They can be used more regularly, which may have advantages for effectiveness.” Related Articles Beauty Features All the Beauty and Wellness Retail Expansions of 2024 Wellness Make Time Wellness Launches Podcast

New York City dermatologist Dr. Dendy Engelman adds that regularly incorporating tools into your routine can “help prevent signs of aging and boost your skin’s health” in the short and long term.

The recent boom in at-home facial tools and the increase of brands pouring resources into creating new beauty innovations means you have more options than ever. Unfortunately, this also means that choosing the suitable facial tool device for your goals can feel tricky. So to help you narrow the choices down to the top 30 skin care tools you should consider, we consulted with several top experts for a comprehensive guide to facial tools.

Keep reading because we dive further into the top asked questions: “What is the best skin care device?” “Do facial tools really work?” “What are facial tools used for?” and more. If you’re searching for a gift for the women on your holiday shopping list or a little beauty gift to treat yourself, look no further.

How to Use This Skin Care Tool: After clicking your desired attachment, adjust the percussion settings for massage or the intensity settings for microcurrent or cleansing. For microcurrent, stroke the device outwards and upwards, working from your jawline to your forehead. You can freestyle the others, targeting problem areas to relieve tension, brighten dullness, or scrub away grime.

What Reviewers Say: “I deliberated over various skin care devices for ages and finally pulled the trigger on the TheraFace, and I’m so glad I did! Great product — good value for all of its functionalities, straightforward to use (came with a QR code linking to videos to show you exactly what to do), and doesn’t take too much time to use. I’ve been incorporating it into my daily skincare routine for a few weeks and am already seeing an improvement in my overall skin condition!”

This device is for you if you’re ready to invest in a tool but don’t know where to start. Yes, it’s pricey, but the tool comes with six attachments so that you can rig it for light therapy, microcurrent, deep cleansing, and massage (a gentler version of the percussive therapy found in traditional Theraguns). Hot and cold attachments are sold separately, but you’ll want to go all in. The cooling tip acts like a cryo facial tool by staying icy as you glide it on your complexion. Plus, if you’ve been figuring out a way to try Ultherapy at home, this is the closest way to do so. To learn more about the device, read our full review. 

How to Use This Skin Care Tool: You’re in luck—this tool comes with extensive tips on the best technique for results on your lips, eyes, cheekbones, and chest (moral of the story: work the device up and out).

What Reviewers Say: “After two weeks of consistent use, my droopy eyelids are more lifted. My cheeks and cheekbones are more defined, and my jawline is sharper. I’ve started bringing this down to my deck and décolletage, and I’m noticing the area looks extra plump.”

Joanna Czech is a master of facial massages (just scroll through her Instagram feed, and you’ll see what we mean), so we trust any tool she ideates. This device “stimulates blood flow, while automatically hemoglobin brings more oxygen to the surface, so the skin becomes brighter, rosier, and healthier,” says celebrity facialist Joanna Czech.

Czech says it comes down to consistency and how you roll your skin to get results from a facial roller. “When you do the facial roller right, you get the cheekbone, or area you’re targeting, between the two roller balls, and you roll it with pressure across,” she says. (Otherwise, if the rollerballs go directly over the area, it will flatten instead of plump and lift.) Czech also adds that when purchasing a facial roller, ensure the balls can move so that you aren’t causing friction against the skin. “It’s a super easy piece of equipment and the closest thing to manual massage,” she adds.

30 Best Facial Tools 2024 – Top Skin Care Devices

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